Quickbooks Payments : Payments Solutions for Businesses

Quickbooks is undoubtedly one of the most reliable, trustworthy and user-friendly accounting solution providers in today’s fast-paced world. Its innovative accounting packages include both “Desktop” as well as “Cloud-based” versions. Besides, it comes in multiple formats to suit different business sizes. This makes it unbeatable in terms of efficiency and accuracy. It is committed to simplifying the day-to-day accounting operations for small and mid-sized enterprises. For this reason, it has introduced a unique and integrated payment solution called Quickbooks Payments. 

What is Quickbooks Payments?

Quickbooks Payments is an ingenious payment solution that allows businesses to seamlessly receive, track, record and manage their online payments. It is a payment processor that is linked to your QuickBooks Login Account. As such, it facilitates receiving payments through credit cards, debit cards, and ACH bank transfers. At the same time, you can set up billing and invoicing. Not only that, all your payment data is automatically updated on your accounting software. As a result, it does away with manual data entry and keeps your records up-to-date and accurate.   

Quickbooks Payments makes it easy for you to accept card payments in person by means of a Mobile Card Reader attached to your phone/ tablet. Besides that, you can also send online Invoices with a Pay Now button to your clients through QuickBooks Online. In return, your clients can immediately make the payment with ACH bank transfer or credit card. Consequently, your books will be auto-updated and the money will be transferred to your bank automatically.  

Quickbooks Payments

Features Of Quickbooks Payment

Quickbooks Payments incorporates some unique and intuitive features that make it the best payment solution for businesses. 

QuickBooks Integration

This payment processor registers with your existing QuickBooks Account. As a result, it automatically syncs with your QuickBooks Accounting Software. In other words, it automatically updates all your payments on your QuickBooks Online or Desktop Account. As such, there is no need for manual data entry which saves time and resources. Not only that, it makes reconciliation easy and eliminates any chance of errors. 


  • It facilitates accurate, quick and timely Online Invoicing. 
  • Along with that, it gives you the option to receive payments through digital invoice.
  • Get real-time alerts for every activity on the Invoice. 
  • Manage Due Payments with Automated Reminders
  • Automatically Sync Books and Payments

Compatible With Third-party Web Stores

In case if you have an e-commerce store with leading Web Stores like Shopify, GoDaddy etc. Then, you can link your Quickbooks Account with your vendor. As a result, you can accept payments for your online sales on your website. It will automatically update these payments on your Accounting software. 

Point of Sale Integration

Users of Quickbooks Point of Sale(POS) solution can also use Quickbooks Payments to accept payments. It easily integrates with your cash register and inventory for the same. This, in turn, keep your books updated with POS payments.

Next-day Deposit

It ensures all your payments are deposited to your bank account without any delay. In other words, it will deposit all your payments received through Quickbooks Payments to your account on the next business day.  

Multiple Payment Options

It doesn’t limit you in regards to the payment options. You can accept payments quickly and easily through the following means.

  • Send Online Invoice with a Pay Now button and receive immediate payment through Bank Card or ACH bank transfers.
  • Use Customer’s Card Details on your Mobile Phone to take payment from any location.
  • Accept Payments on the go by means of swiping customer’s card through Mobile Card Readers attached to your smartphones. 
  • Schedule Recurring ACH or Card Payments through Sales Receipts workflow.